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Casual conversations 
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Hi, I'm Michelle and I really don't like surface-level conversations.

Mom, creative, business-owner are all ways others have described me before. At the same time, in addition to those, I’m discovering that people and connection have always been a passion of mine. But I never really thought I would be opening up my heart on a public platform like this. Yet, here I am. Going all in on this project. 


I want this podcast to be a space for organic, intimate conversations. For me, I’m knee-deep into the most complicated season of my life. Learning how to be comfortable with the uncomfortable, navigating love and loss, living life with an 8 and 4 year old, running an interior design studio, and keeping it all together before 3 pm school pick-up. 


Yet, here God is, making something beautiful and purposeful out of all of it. I want to invite you all with me as I unravel pieces of who I am along the way. It’s going to be fun, it's going to be hard, we’re gonna learn some new things along the way, we’re gonna laugh, maybe cry, and we’re most definitely going to drink some coffee. 


So, I want to formally welcome you to my passion project - Conversations Over Coffee, with Michelle. 

Listen to the latest here.

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Why Coffee?

Aside from the caffeine that is necessary to function - the smell, taste, and the process of making it feels like home. 


As a little girl, when my mom would get me ready in the morning for school, she would often leave her coffee right in front of me and I would take in the smell. And she liked her coffee sweet and the hot vanilla or hazelnut creamer smelled so amazing to me as a little girl in the morning. I would beg her to have one small sip and she would laugh.


When we would visit my grandparents house, coffee was either already brewing or being consumed by the adults. My grandparents always had the best vintage coffee mugs. Watching them taking in their 1st, or even 2nd, cup of coffee and enjoying their conversation seemed like the coolest adult thing to do and I just couldn’t wait to replicate those moments with my own friends and family when I got older. 


Anywhere my family and I traveled, the most important thing was finding the best coffee around. Those sweet, special memories as a child have turned into something more.


Now, as a grown adult, I love the experience that gathering and brewing coffee creates. Being one of five siblings is a funny dynamic. When I go and visit home and stay with my sister, the family has a tradition of coming together, sitting outside in the New Mexico sunshine, and sharing our first cup of coffee for the day together. To get it just right for the morning, my sister has to prep the coffee ahead of time the night before - not even one of us takes it the same as the other! The refills come and go and we often fight over who gets to drink the last cup full. As a family, we don’t agree on much, but the one thing that we always come back to is that warm, delicious mug, practically spilling over with coffee. 


For me, connection and closeness to others all started in memories I have of these conversations over coffee. It’s not just about getting that caffeine spike to me. 

I don’t really know if coffee means this much to anyone else out there - but I have found that there is a warmth and a history in every cup. As you listen to these episodes, I hope you hear my heart for story-telling, connection that is REAL, and coffee that does NOT disappoint. 

This is what Conversations Over Coffee means to me…. Love, Michelle 


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"Love the conversations!
'How do you take your coffee and why?' From the start of each conversation Michelle dives right in to unravel the interesting characteristics that make up her guests. The conversation moves smoothly around a variety of topics specific to each person’s life and takes the listener along on a tour over how they arrived to their current place in their profession. Interesting, lively, intriguing, and inspiring, Michelle and her guests open up their personal experiences in such a natural way that makes it feel like you are a friend in the room with them. Can’t wait for more conversations over coffee!"

-A. Cagley

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